Events and Workshops

This is a new endeavor for us that we are very excited about. This page will feature events and workshops that we will be hosting, as well as other useful events and workshops related to health, fitness, and sports that other local groups may be running.

We welcome any form of suggestions for events or workshops that you may like to participate in, or even run yourself. We will always try and select events that cater to many individuals, especially at first, but we do recognize that lesser known aspects of health, fitness, and sport can be beneficial to us all as well, so please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions. Even if we don’t respond immediately, or don’t have adequate openings in the schedule, we will definitely read all of the suggestions.

Although we have yet to formally arrange confirm anything, here is a list of upcoming events and workshops that we hope to run soon. Please check back for updates!

Introduction to Running

This seminar will be delivered by Lev Annan, a middle-aged runner with lots of experience in running and the challenges it can present. According to Lev, he grew up relatively unaware of the benefits of running, and it wasn’t until his weight presented acute health problems that he began to run. Lev has found it beneficial for others, as well as him, to talk about his struggles and successes with running, and we are sure this will be a very interesting presentation.

This seminar will focus on the beginner runner, and will discuss how to motivate yourself, what type of training programs to look for, and some tips and tricks when it comes to selecting and maintaining your running gear. This seminar will likely take place next month, and will happen a few times over the course of the next year.

Cool Down – Who Needs It?

This seminar will be presented every three months by one of the expert trainers at the IAC. There will be some discussion on general techniques for a proper warmup, but a focus will be placed on the importance of a proper cool down following exercise.

We expect these seminars to commence in the new year, but will be held approximately once a month.

Nutrition and Sports

This seminar will also be hosted by IAC and presented by the trainers approximately once a month beginning in the new year. These seminars will cover general nutrition guidelines, how to interpret nutritional labels, and how nutrition can affect exercise and recovery.

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