How to Train to be a Better Paddle Boarder

Some studies show that paddleboarding in an hour will help burn at least 800 calories. Then there’s no question then why more and more people are getting fascinated with this new water sport. Not only that it gives you the best opportunity to enjoy outdoors and the waters, it’s also a good way of getting fit and healthy.


Just like any other water sport, beginners always have a long way to go. You can never be as skilled as the others. Then, if you wanted to be a better paddle boarder, you got to go for training. Here are some of the simple ideas that might help you about how you’ll get the right paddleboarding training.

Be Prepared

You certainly just don’t get into the best SUP without knowing what to do. Before you get up on the board, you have to make the proper preparation. Preparing would not only mean knowing how to balance and paddle through the waters. It’s more about having the right knowledge and the gears and clothing when paddleboarding.

Since you would be dealing with maintaining a good balance and water, you need to consider your own safety. Wearing the right clothing is also important. Also, having the right leash attached to the board to keep you close to the paddleboard when you fall down is a must. You also have some safety devices such as a personal floatation device and a whistle in case of emergencies.

How to Train

Although you might find paddleboarding as such an easy water sport to do, it would still make sense that you should go for a proper training if you wanted to be a better paddle boarder. For beginners, it is always best to start in the shallow and calm water. That way you can practice how to get up, maintain a good balance and to get down the board as well.

paddle training

Unless you can bring a friend who already knows paddleboarding beforehand, then you don’t have to think about registering to some short paddleboarding classes. It is always important that you get the assistance of a professional or someone who knows a lot about the sport. You’ll become the best, if you have the best instructor.

The Training Attitude

Obviously training does not only require physical activity, but it is also about the attitude. Since you will be spending much time training and doing the same routine over and over again, you’ll definitely get exhausted and stressed. Thus, you need to be in the right attitude and continue the training in order to be the best paddle boarder.

Your determination is also important. If a few times you fall, you have to be determined to try again. In order to put you in the right mood when training, it would be a great idea to bring a friend or a family with you. Doing it in a group is definitely more fun.

To be a better paddle boarder is entirely easy. You just need to have the right knowledge, a fit body and the right attitude about what you’re doing!

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