Smelly Athletic Feet? Use Shoe Deodorizer

One study shows that around 15% to 25% of people are most likely to have athlete’s foot at any one time. And there are many factors that cause bacteria growth resulting to smelly feet such as the weather and even the humidity of shoes that you’re wearing.

For that reason, it’s obvious that athletic people are very prone to having smelly feet. Because of your active lifestyle, sweating is inevitable. And even just a few drops of moist left on the shoes will create that stinky smell that you absolutely hate.


Do you have smelly athletic feet? Worry no more! Here are some of the effective ways to get rid of those stinky shoes.

What causes the Smell?

Okay, you’re regularly washing your feet and even cleaning up your shoes, but why is it still stinky? You have to understand the truth about moisture and bacteria growth. Whenever there’s moist, in your cases, sweat, your shoes can be a good ground for bacteria to grow. And these bacteria are the main source of odor. In that case, an effective and natural shoe deodorizer can help eliminate the smell.

Fighting Away the Smell

If you want to keep that fresh smelling foot, then you need to know how to fight that smell away. There are some many ways to do that. To help you out, here are some that experts suggest that you can do.

Keep it Clean and Dry

Since bacteria thrive in moist areas, what’s a more effective way to avoid them than making sure that both your feet and shoes are clean and dry? For your athletic feet and shoes, make sure to maintain proper foot hygiene. And don’t forget to wash your shoes regularly. Some people would do the steaming process to kill bacteria and fungus.

Foot Hygiene

Remember, when you have a smelly foot, that’s partly your fault. If you only maintain proper foot hygiene, you’ll never end up getting stinky. Proper hygiene is just about proper cleaning, washing your feet with warm water, use anti-bacterial soap and make sure to keep it dry. Using a good foot powder will also help.


Use Shoe Deodorizer

Other than washing, steaming and drying your shoes, you also need to deodorize them. That way, it’ll smell fresh as new. There are many ways to deodorize your shoes. Some people would go for some home and natural ways to deodorize such as using baking soda and even charcoal. You can also use commercial foot powders and some oil-based shoe deodorizer sprays.

Your Responsibility

Remember, no one would ever take the responsibility in keeping your feet and shoes clean and fresh all the time. You really have to spend some time in cleaning and washing both your feet and your shoes. If you are an athlete, then it would even be more challenging to keep your shoes clean and dry. You probably have to do regular shoe cleaning and deodorizing. If you don’t have the ample time to do that, then you can have someone to do it for you. Remember, it takes proper hygiene to stay away from that stinky smell!

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